Love has nothing to do with the marriage.

Love is a great feeling, and everyone loves being in love. It is a source of happiness for many people. For our society, it’s normal that people who are in love would normally get married. Marriage makes the bond stronger and gives the couple the assurance of togetherness. But people in love do not always end up in marriage, and marriage is not always about being in love. There are many other reasons people enter marriage other than love.

Reasons for Marriage Other than Love

Financial Security

Some people seek and marry someone who can save them from financial troubles. Some go through problems with finances. To solve the problem and make their finances improve, they look for someone wealthier.


Sometimes it’s happening, and people get married just because the woman got pregnant. To give the child a name and father, the couple gets married even if they are not in love. Often, when pregnancy happens, marriage comes after even without love.


When people get bored, they think of ways to do that are out of the ordinary. They think getting married is fun even without love; they enter marriage. People who get married out of boredom, later on, get bored with married life too.


People who feel alone often look for companionship. And so they enter marriage, even if they are not sure if they fell in love. Having a partner in life will mean assured companionship all throughout the marriage.

Peer Pressure

Sometimes, just because all friends are married, one feels pressured to find a partner in life. Therefore, they rush into getting married to anybody possible even if love is not felt.

Parent’s Advice

It is possible that one gets married to someone that their parents have chosen for them. Even if they are not in love with each other, they are forced to follow the advice and suggestion of their parents.

Parent for the Child

When one has a child or children from a broken relationship, they look for someone who can be a father or mother to their kids. This will make them marry somebody else, even if they are not yet in love with the person.
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In reality, love is not the sole reason for marriage. It should also be based on trust, respect, friendship, and romance. People who want to marry should think many times before making the final decision. Marriage is constant work. The couple should work individually and together to make the marriage work, but love should present to make it work and last for a whole life.